Neck Pain in a Tech Town?

Dr. McClelland will put an end to your Tech Neck problems:

In a technology-driven city like Austin, we frequently see professionals who suffer from chronic neck pain due to technology overuse. Using a mouse and keyboard for 40+ hours every week is guaranteed to cause problems in your neck and upper back.
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Early signs of neck problems typically show up as daily tightness or soreness that quickly turns into a debilitating problem.  Unfortunately, many patients delay getting neck pain treatment until it’s unbearable.  When your pain suddenly puts a hault to your daily routine, Dr. McClelland is equipped with the experience and tools that are needed to correct the problem.

Dr. McClelland provides his patients with gentle and effective Neck Pain Treatment. 

Some of the most common neck pain issues include:

  •   Neck and shoulder stiffness (“Tech Neck” Syndrome)
  •   Whiplash (commonly from auto accidents)
  •   Carpal Tunnel (originates from the upper cervical region and travels down into arms and hands)
  •   Migraine Headaches (originating in the upper cervical region)

What Causes Neck Pain?

Finding the root problem that causes neck pain is key to effective treatment. Several issues can be to blame:

  •   Spinal subluxation
  •   Pinched nerves
  •   Auto accidents
  •   Herniated, bulging, and “slipped discs” in the neck region
  •   Poor posture habits
  •   Using hand-held devices (cell phone, tablets, etc.)
  •   Stress

Long-lasting Pain Relief with McClelland Chiropractic:

Many patients seeking neck pain treatment experience immediate when you return to your desk.  Your posture corrects and the tightened muscles around your neck are often visibly improved.

McClelland Chiropractic understands the long-term effect that chronic neck pain has on your career.  Don’t allow the problem to get worse. 

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